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Artificial Hymen Pills Descraiption:
Artificial hymen repair kit also known as artificial virginity kit (and popularly referred to as a "Chinese hymen" or "fake hymen") is a type of prosthetic membrane created for the purpose of simulating an intact human hymen.Since hymens can be broken via physical activity or even by the use of a tampon, many women are concerned about restoring their virginity. Hymen repair, hymen reconstruction, hymen surgery or revirgination are all terms that refer to Hymenoplasty - cosmetic surgery that restores the female hymen. While the Hymenoplasty procedure requires admission to a clinic and can cost thousands of dollars, the artificial hymen provides much cheaper and convenient way to become a virgin again!
How it Works:
Insert the Artificial Hymen into your vagina carefully. It will expand a little and make you feel tight. When your lover penetrates, it will ooze out a liquid that appears like blood, not too much but just the right amount. Add in a few moans and groans and you willpass through undetectable! It's easy to use, clinically proven non-toxic to human and has no side effects, no pain to use and no allergic reaction. Here is close up photo of the Artificial Hymen This magical capsule is especially designed to help women who lost their virginity become a virgin again.
How To Use:
Place the capsule in vagina (about 7-8 cm) with the whole middle finger 20 minutes before intercourse.
1. vagina tightening
2. virgin bleeding again
3. bring you back to the first night
4. no side-effect
5.noneed hymen surgery
herbal extracts artificial virgin blood capsule, no need surgery hymen capsule artificial hymen blood capsule
For vaginal use only.
Do not put tablet into urethra.
Do not use if pregnant or nursing.
Do not use a tampon while using this product.
Do not use if menstruating.
Do not use this product if you have fever or vaignal pain; consult with your physician.
Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool dry place.
Artificial Hymen Kit:
Restore Your Virginity Just in 5 Minutes!!!
This product is not suitable for virgin and pregnant!!!!
Price PKR : 6000/-

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Vimax pills Description:
Vimax is a powerful and natural herbal male enhancement supplement that helps to increase sexual desire and endurance. Formulated from specially selected herbs found around the world, when taken as recommended Vimax has been shown to improve male sexual performance, helping men achieve stronger and longer lasting erections.Make Love Like A Warrior! In Polynesia it has been reported that men of the Mangaian tribe average sexual intercourse three times a night, every single night! Vimax's specially blended herbal formula consists of some of the same type of herbal ingredients regularly used by the Mangaian tribe. While you may not wish to have sex quite as frequently as a Mangaian, it is comforting to know that your sexual performance could improve.Vimax penis pills are 100% Safe and Natural. Only the highest quality herbal ingredients from around the world are used in the manufacture of Vimax. We are happy to say that our product is used by men aged from 18-78 years old, with no customer reports of side effects. Without our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of product research, development and manufacturing, such powerful results across such a widespread age group would not be possible.
Vimax is a powerful and natural herbal male enhancement supplement that helps to increase sexual desire ,improves erectile dysfunction and endurance.
Why Vimax is #1 Supplement For Men:
100% Natural & Safe
Highest Quality Of Herbal Ingredients
Better Performance & More Satisfaction
Increase Your Desire & Pleasure
Improved Endurance
Weeks 1-4 You may notice a significant increase in sexual desire and stamina (as showed by a Vimax Team survey with over 9000 participants).
Weeks 5-8 You might feel improvement in your performance and satisfaction during sexual intercourse (80% of surveyed men report such benefits).
Weeks 9+ You should reach your full potential by this point. Your partner should also start to feel more satisfaction during sexual activity.
Side Effect: 
No Side Effects reported till date.
How to use:
Take 1 pill a day in the morning with water. Also if you wish to enhance your sexual performance
take 1 pill 30 minutes before sexual activity.
Price PKR:2999/-

Magic Plus Oil in Pakistan | Magic Plus Oil Price in Pakistan | Organ Oil in Pakistan

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Magic Plus Oil Available in Pakistan
Magic Plus Oil Increase Penis Size, Strength and Sexual Performance, Now Available in Pakistan. 15 Days Course. Imported from Kenya. 100% Herbal, No Side effects. Free Home Delivery, Payment of Delivery all over Pakistan.
Benefits of Magic Plus Oil:
Magic Plus Oil is used to repair dead cells of penis and improves it growth.
It also repairs and boosts the shrink or dead veins of penis.
Magic Plus Oil has magical effects for enlargement.
By regular use of Magic Plus Oil , you experience very tight and powerful erections.
By Using Magic Plus Oil increases your sexual stamina.
You can enjoy more time for sex with your partner.
You feel yourself more confidence and strong while doing sex.
If you use Magic Plus Oil you will get amazing surprised results.
It is herbal and No Side Effects.
How To Use Magic Plus Oil:
1. Before application wash the male organ with a mild soap and wipe it with a cloth or tissue paper
2. Pour a small quantity of Magic Plus Oil (1 ml) and massage it gently on all length of penis excluding cap.
3. Continue massage oil beginning from root side to the cap of the penis for 2-3 minutes until oil is absorbed in the skin.
4. Repeat the procedure twice a day.
5. For best results continue usage of Magic Plus Oil for more than a month.
Price Is : 2999/-PKR

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Men power descraiption:
Men Power Tablts Used For stamina and energy. Hard, long-lasting sex WHENEVER you want for as long as you want AT ANY AGE! What makes MEN POWER so powerful is the unique blend of ingredients it contains for male sexual enhancement.
1.Imported sex timing tablets in pakistan may help boost delight and may help enhance presentation on bed.
2. Give powerful, repeat & long lasting erections sex timing tablets in pakistan is a Man's Stamina, sexual Enhancement Dietary Supplement. All-natural herbal supplement and pills for men power
Suggested dosage: 
One tablet prior to sexual activity, not to exceed 2 tablets in any 24-hour period. MEN POWER comes in a pack with golden Tablets, each Tablet contains 100 mg of active ingredients and it will work in just 45 minutes for some and for others 1-3 hours guaranteed. MEN POWER is all-natural herbal supplement that enhances male sexual performance. MEN POWER contains a scientifically researched combination of more than 20 powerful natural herbs that produce long lasting, hard erections and boost male sexual
1. MEN POWER may help increase pleasure and may help enhance presentation.
2. Give mighty, repeat & long lasting erections.
3. No prescription needed no addiction and no edge effects.
4. Larger ejaculation and maximum sexual delight.
5. Really satisfy your colleague with the help of viagra tablets in pakistan.
If you think you have overdosed the medicine seek emergency medical help at once.
The overdose symptoms are chest pain, nausea, irregular heartbeat, and feeling light-headed or fainting.
Price PKR:1999/-

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Levitra Tablets in Pakistan
Never walk away from sexual tension with Levitra 20 mg Tablets in Pakistan. You must have surely heard of many pills, which counteract the erectile dysfunction problems in the market. But did you know that almost all of those have been created using synthetic products which hinder the possibility of your sexual performance in the long run? Levitra Tablets in Pakistan ensures that you can pop the tablets whenever you find yourself sexually aroused without sparing a thought for other stimulants.
Levitra 20 mg Tablets in Pakistan:
Your full proof way to a thicker and firmer penis! Levitra Tablets in Pakistan balances your needs so that even a small dosage of 10 mg would be able to carry your stamina through the entire night. The phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors in these tablets activates the blood flow to your penis during the times of sexual activity. All said and done, this tablet would not fail your trust once. The small packaging ensures that you can carry it at all times without anyone being aware of your guilty secret. Levitra Tablets in Pakistan The potency of the drug can be well understood if you see how a single tablet heightens your sexual desire in a few moments.LEVITRA (vardenafil HCl) is an FDA-approved oral prescription medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men.It belongs to a class of drugs called "PDE5 inhibitors". It works by increasing blood flow to the penis to help improve erectile function.The active ingredient in LEVITRA works specifically on the chain of events that occurs in the penis during arousal, when two large chambers in a man’s penis fill with blood.
Take one pill 20-30 minutes before the desired activity. Please make sure you don't eat anything immediately before taking the pill.
Do not crush or break the tablet. Do not take more than one tablet within a 24-hour frame!!
Price Is: 1999/-PKR

VigRX Plus in Pakistan|VigRX Plus in Lahore|Original VigRX Plus in Pakistan|Genuine VigRX Plus in Pakistan|VigRX Plus Tablets in Pakistan|Buy VigRX Plus in Pakistan|VigRX Plus Price in Pakistan|VigRX Plus in Islamabad

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Vigrx Plus - Vigrx Plus In Pakistan
BUY ORIGINAL Vigrx Plus Available Now Online Order, We Are Vigrx Plus Medicine Distributor In Pakistan.
Vigrx Plus In Pakistan:
Start taking Vigrx Plus now and discover the benefits including:
In case You're Tired of Being Embarrassed by Your Size When Making Love... In the event that You Want to Have Better Sex... There's stand out decision - VigRX Plus It is produced using regular fixings which are useful for body and not dangerous so there is no point of agonizing over the symptoms of this pill as it won't harm your body.
Just in three weeks, everything can be changed and you can keep most noteworthy close relationship by simply enhancing your erection and getting over the erectile dysfunction. The length of penis will be altogether expanded through supernatural force of VigRX Plus in Pakistan. You'll never know till you attempted. Says thanks to God! This drug has stunned me with the capable characteristic
VigRx Plus Results
Just in three weeks, everything can be changed and you can keep most noteworthy close relationship by simply enhancing your erection and getting over the erectile dysfunction. The length of penis will be altogether expanded through supernatural force of VigRX Plus in Pakistan. You'll never know till you attempted. Says thanks to God! This drug has stunned me with the capable characteristic
Vigrx Plus Price In Pakistan :- 4499 /-PKR

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Cialis Tablets Price in Pakistan, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Myebayzone
Cialis Tablets in pakistan - Cialis Tablets in Karachi - Cialis Tablets in Lahore Cialis is utilized as a part of the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. It meets expectations by unwinding muscles in the dividers of the bloodvessels. Sexual incitement builds the blood stream to the penis. Taking after sexual incitement, Cialis serves to deliver an erection that is suitable for sexual action. Cialis Dosage This prescription must not be taken more than once a day and it is proposed that you do not take it consistently Cialis is not suitable for ladies or anybody under 18 years old. Cialis vs Viagra Most individuals are acquainted with Viagra, and realize that it gives expanded blood stream to outer genitalia for more or less 6-8 hours, subsequently serving to briefly calm erectile dysfunction. The significant contrast here is that Viagra can provide for you an erection for 6-8 hours, while Cialis is useful for 36-48 hours. This greatly improves the situation purchase, as far as matters in profit making, as you are getting a window of chance that keeps going significantly more with Cialis. Actually, at present out of the three prevalent erectile dysfunction meds (Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra)- Cialis is effortlessly the particular case that keeps going the longest. Cialis Price In Pakistan.
Cialis Tablets in Pakistan Made In UK
Cialis Tablets in Lahore Made In UK
Cialis Tablets in Karachi Made In UK
Cialis Tablets in Islamabad Made In UK
Cialis Tablets in Rawalpindi Made In UK
Price: 2499/- PKR

Magic Delay Cream in Pakistan | Magic Delay Cream Price in Pakistan | Sex Delay Cream in Pakistan

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Magic Delay Cream Descraiption:
Increase sexual stamina and ejaculation timing upto 30 to 45 minutes.
Made in:
Increase sexual stamina and ejaculation timing upto 30 to 45 minutes.
100% Original & No side effect.
How to use? 
1.Wash your penis
2.Apply a normal layer on half length of your penis with your finger tips and leave it.
3.Do not massage.
4.Apply 15 minutes before sex.
Price Is : 1999/-PKR

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Hammer of Thor unique combination of Hammer of Thor capsules and online coaching allows you to become the man your want to be..Because we care for the health and satisfaction of our customers, our capsules are produced in European laboratories to the highest standard.Your private life is your own business, which is why our packages are completely neutral, without any mention of the contents. Discreet billing.With the Hammer of Thor program, you will no longer have any reason to envy the stars of adult films: wouldn't it be great to be able to boast about your sexual performance and have the physique to match the films you have seen. This unique new approach, which combines proven coaching techniques with the Hammer of Thor capsules, can help accompanying you toward this goal: you may find a natural and proportional enlargement of your penis and also experience better erections. Everything is linked and Hammer of Thor has understood this well!
Improve your sexual performance!
By working on your erections you should considerably boost your libido whilst also improving your love-making.
making. The Hammer of Thor program accompanies you towards this goal: the simple and effective exercises could enable you to achieve impressive erections and greater pleasure. Control your desires naturally and easily and attend to the needs of your partner: one of the objectives of Hammer of Thor is to satisfy your other half!
The Hammer of Thor program includes an intake of Hammer of Thor capsules. These capsules are made in France and formulated by French pharmacists. They are based on natural ingredients (including Arginine and Tribulus) and have no side effects.
Hammer of Thor capsules facilitate the absorption of blood flow to the cavernbous body of the penis which leads to a noticeable increase in erection size and intensity Users frequently observe that Hammer of Thor improves the blood flow in the body and increases the absorption of the cavernous body of the penis. Due to the dilation of the penis cavity, the erectile tissues swell. They will become larger than before the use of the product. As a result, Hammer of Thor is able to help increase the length and width of the penis as well as the strength of the erection.
The objective of this unique formula, is to make these effects durable, so that they do not disappear after taking the capsules. The cavernous bodies will become dilated and potentially more efficient, giving you, to put it bluntly, a big, beautiful cock.
Even if you do not have difficulties achieving an erection, our unique method is still able to help you obtain a bigger penis and experience more intense erections, through increasing the absorption capacity of the cavernous body.
Price: 3000/-PKR

EcoSlim Capsules in Pakistan|EcoSlim Capsules in Lahore|EcoSlim Capsules in Islamabad|EcoSlim Capsules in Karachi|Body Shape Machine in Pakistan|Exercise Machine in Pakistan

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EcoSlim Capsules In Pakistan
EcoSlim a natural supplement that has been invented by those specialist pharmacist. The properties are excellent. "Keeping weight to a balanced level," EcoSlim extract valuable in helping you shape spectacular firmware fit. Despite a lot of weight quickly EcoSlim reduces the risks resulting from overweight to standard for a long time. Helps prevent the yo-yo.EcoSlim helps poor metabolic system to function normally again. God help lower cholesterol Coral. And stimulate the excretion of toxins from the body Eco Slim is a product free of chemical additives. The product is made from 100% natural, so they can make sure that you get 100% EcoSlim safety properties superior. Supplements or other weight loss pills that are sold in general because.Generally, those products are only just. "Press appetite only temporary," only it's not surprising that people eat to lose weight quickly in the early stages but undermine subsequent hugely EcoSlim as a supplement for weight loss that have been invented and. developed wisely Not harmful to health and your immune system. This product will produce a liquid that can be absorbed quickly. So do not adversely affect the body later.
Extracts of valuable properties.
Eco Slim is a product that has been very popular in the United States. A product that meets high standards. And a brilliant performance in promoting a better health EcoSlim a lot of excellent products from this manufacturer. The goal is to promote better metabolism. Increased levels of antibodies to the body. During the rapid weight loss, you can not eat before, during and after EcoSlim your weight loss program. From scientific research and various international certification demonstrates. The superior performance of this supplement. Prerelease EcoSlim through clinical tests ranging from the United States. And confirmed that all the standards as prescribed.
To have a normal metabolic system is the foundation of good health EcoSlim also ideal for those who want to be healthy. Weight and balance are also suitable.

Those who want to keep their metabolism back to normal.
Those who want to lose excess weight.
Those who want to stimulate the metabolism of body fat.
Those who want the body absorb nutrients better.
Those who want to keep the blood sugar levels back to normal.
Those who want to have their own moods. The idea Keener
This would EcoSlim health products are wonderful and very striking. Thanks to the natural extracts of this product, which is packed in.
Extract of cayenne pepper;
Zen Art Gallery Toi
Extracts of Guarana.
This product is beneficial to the digestive system of the body. It does not cause allergies Or unwanted side effects.
The unique advantages of the Eco Slim.
Product performance, quality certification from the United States, this is your advantage.
Many of the stomach and digestive system extract more valuable is the intestinal absorption efficiency. It is not surprising that those who eat EcoSlim will see great results almost immediately after taking this product. Extracts of EcoSlim rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential to the body Of Medical Research found that EcoSlim without substance. It is a product made from 100% natural, so that you can be assured that EcoSlim. Will not stick to it. There is no indication in the ban because EcoSlim eating lifestyle will not change any of the review.
Price is : 4500/-PKR

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Vigaron Capsules In Pakistan
Don Vigaron is a special combination of the product’s components regulates metabolism in a specific way, it stimulates the body’s production of testosterone by increasing its content in blood until it reaches optimal level. The usage of this product helps increase sexual desire, strengthens erection, prolongs sexual intercourse and intensifies orgasm. Women will get butterflies in their stomach at the mere sight of you, because great sex is much more impressive than good looks or an expensive car! With “Vigaron” your partner would never call you “little buddy” or a “quick-cummer”. She is sure to become aroused at the mere recollection of your last night! Sure enough, you may compensate for your complexes by buying a giant Jeep Cherokee or having a thick purse. But how a solid bank account is going to help you to spend the night with a woman? Will it really help you overcome your embarrassment and fear that you might disappoint her?
Cause Of Weakness
It is a unique product which has gone through a multitude of clinical trials and proven its effectiveness by bringing back to tens of thousands men their male power and self-confidence.
Price is : 3000/-PKR

Ultra Wizzit in Pakistan, Ultra Wizzit Price in Pakistan, Ultra Wizzit Available in Pakistan

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Ultra wizzit Description:
Get rid of unwanted hair now! On your face or on your body. From your hear to your toes. Ultra Wizzit is unlike other hair remove products and gets rid of hair fast! Even hard-to-reach places and that sensitive underarm area are no problem for Ultra Wizzit. It attracts hair like a magnet from any angle so you won't miss a single hair.The Wizzit has no blades so you'll never have nicks or razor burn. It's ready whenever you are and wherever you need it. The Ultra Wizzit comes with its own carry case- take it with you when you travel. It's so quick and easy, men like it too. It works on eyebrows, sideburns, goatees and more. At the touch of a button, you'll be neat and trim!"
Product Features:
The Wizzit is the leading tool in instant hair removal and leaves you with smooth hair-free skin every time!
An amazing invention that literally finds grabs and removes unwanted hair from the roots, keeping it from growing back for weeks.
Great for travel
Easy to clean
Requires 2 x AAA batteries (Not included)
Price PKR:1999/-

Handy Massager in Pakistan | Handy Massager Price in Pakistan | Dolphin Handy Massager in pakistan

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Handy Massager in pakistan:
Our rapidly growing organization is offering a wide gamut of Dolphin V Infra Red Massager to our clients from every nook & corner of the country. These massager are designed by reliable vendors of the market using advanced technology and latest machines with superior grade raw material to provide maximize satisfaction by catering the exact requirements of clients and act towards giving a better performance of these massager. Apart from this, provided massager stimulate pressure point and relax stiff muscles.A beautifully designed Massager in the shape of the fish. It is a hand held massager in lightweight and small in size to be convenient for massage in any part of the body. It produces a strong vibration effect which penetrates deep inside the muscles and activates its cells.The massager has three Replaceable adapters.
Each adapter has its own uses and functions as follows :-
Semi-circle adapter :
It has been designed to massage muscles and other soft parts of the body.
Semi-circle with 5 beads in finger size: 
It is designed to massage back-pain, Joints-pain, neck strain, etc.
Semi-circle with 26 small beads:
It has been designed to massage head. (In case of acute headache only).
Stimulates Nerve Ends By Reflexology Therapy
Promotes blood circulation and body metabolism
Applicable for physiotherapy of all the parts of the body
Relaxes muscles from tiredness and the pain of nerve
With speed adjusting function
Two massage adjustments
Streamlined design light and nice
Dolphin style can massage every part of our body
Reduces pains caused by fatigue or rheumatism
Eliminates spasm in the shoulder and Lower Back
Relaxes the muscles and eliminates pain caused by rigorous sporting activity.
Price PKR:2999/-

Body Slimmer in Pakistan | Body Slimmer Price in Pakistan | Coral Brand Body Slimmer in Pakistan | Izen Body Slimmer In Pakistan

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Body Slimmer is designed to help cellulite reducing as well as relaxing massaging at home. No need to pay high cost to beauty salon. You can do it anytime at home, without cost. What you need is just a power socket.Small parallel discs of semi rigid silicone with a serrated surface. Ideal for eliminating cellulite and flaccidity, stimulating the return circulation, toning muscles, lymphatic drainage, volume reduction soothing back aches, sciatica and lumbago, relaxing massage and warming up muscles, anti-stress, etc, etc.Designed to help cellulite reducing as well as relaxing massaging at home. No need to pay high cost to beauty salon. You can do it anytime at home, without cost. What you need is just a power socket. Designed to help cellulite reducing as well as relaxing massaging at home. No need to pay high cost to beauty salon. You can do it anytime at home, without cost. What you need is just a power socket. Designed to help cellulite reducing as well as relaxing massaging at home.Food:
It is important to follow a low fat, low carbohydrate diet.
Regular, moderate exercise
Avoid stress
Together with the basic measures outlined above,massage is the best therapy for detaining the process of cellulite restoring correct venous and lymphatic circulation and eliminating the fatty nodules which produce orange peel skin..
Body Slimmer offers you the chance to enjoy a circulation-enhancing massage, particularly for cellulite, orange peel skin and loose connective tissue on the legs, upper arms and bottom.
Tighten your abdomen and Trim your waist
Helps to reduce cellulite
Restore your skin firmness and smoothness
Legs, Arms, Thighs, Hips, Buttocks
Ergonomic design:
the device enables comfortable use at home.
15 minutes a day with I-Zen is a real aid to keeping fit and enjoying your wellness!
This device is intended only for the massaging of individual parts of the human body. The device is for private use only and is not intended for medical or commercial purposes. It cannot replace medical treatment.
Safety information:
Keep the unit and its packaging materials away from children
Keep the unit, power supply and the cable away from water, damp or other liquids NEVER use in bath, sauna, etc
Users with below conditions should avoid using;
Heart disease and/or with assistive cardiac devices Sensitive skins
Pregnant and during menstruation
Lung/tumor disease
High/low blood pressure
Other disease that can be fatal
Avoid using on heart, head (face), navel
Do not use more than 30 mins overall/ One body part 5 mins
Price PKR:2999/-

Fair Look Cream in Pakistan | Fair Look Cream Price in Pakistan | Fair Look face whitening cream

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TVM Fair look Cream Product For Fairness
TVM Fair Look Pro Lotion / Cream Now Available In Pakistan. Fair Look Cream is an anti marks fairness Ayurvedic cream bestowing you Fair and Beautiful Skin
Each Pack Contains:
Fairness Lotion
Sunscreen Lotion SPF 20
1. Fairness Lotion
Composition:- PVR, PG, Polysorber 80,sunflower Oil, Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Carbomer, MPS, PPS, EDTA Di Sodium, Glycerin, Titanium Di Oxide, TEA, 2 phenoxy ethnol, Vit.A, Vit.E, Vit.K, DM water, Perfume.
2. Sunscreen Lotion SPF 20
Composition :-Cetyl Alcohol, LLP, CCTG, Olive oil, E Wax, IPM, OMC,MPS, PPS, EDTA Di, sodium, Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Di Oxide, TEA, 2 phenoxy ethanol, Benzophenon- 3, Avobenzon, DM water, Perfume.
How To Use Fair Look Lotion
Wash your skin with gentle soap and water.
Apply the sunscreen lotion to all exposed areas, 15-30 minutes before going out in the sunPrecaution:
Test it on your hand before applying it on your face.
Product not recommended for pregnant ladies and children below 12 years.
Product not recommended for people with allergic (Sensitive) Skin.
Price: 1999 /-PKR

Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan | Nicer Dicer Plus Price in Pakistan | Kitchen Star in pakistan

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Product Description:
With Nicer Dicer Plus you have a kitchen helper, who will shorten the cooking time from start of preparation to the serving of the meal tremendously. Food must be cut into cubes, sticks, strips, quarters or eighths-the costs not only time but you need countless kitchen tools (knives, bowls, cutting boards, etc.) that can not always at hand and plenty of storage space in the kitchen to complete. Nicer Dicer with the Plus is no longer a problem-you have everything in one handy set! Simple and space saving as it gets. Benefits include easy and useful usage for every meal, small, counter-top size, professional and consistent results every time, saves you time and money, safe for kids tool, safe To Use, easy clean up dishwasher safe, food stays cleaner and fresh.
(All in one: works as graters, cutters, peelers, slicers, choppers, dicers, and zesters)
The Nicer Dicer Plus multi-chopper set has everything you need for cutting, dicing, grating, and slicing! Chop onions, zucchini, peppers, celery, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, cheese, and fruits--then watch as the ingredients transfer instantly from the cutting surface into the bowl below. There's no hassle, and no mess! Nicer Dicer with the Plus is no longer a problem - you have everything in one handy set! Simple and space saving as it gets!
5 different inserts with 11 different ways to cut.
Cut into cubes or sticks in 3 different sizes.
Slices in 2 different thicknesses.
Cut in two quarters, eighths and wedges.
Long-lasting super-sharp stainless steel blades.
Extra sharp grater.
Mandolin slicer with safety food holder.
Fruts, vegitables, cheese or sausage cut into equal pieces!
No more onion tears!
Perfectly diced tomatoes!
Slice a whole apple!
One Step French fries!
High Quality Stainless Steel.
One plug-in cutting stamp for wedge blades
One cutting base with removable top lid
One six-cup container with lid
One grater with protective cover
One slicer with blade protector
One food holder for slicer
One partial blade cover
Measures 11"W x 5"H x 4-1/2"L
Two dual blades for cutting cubes: 1/4" or 1/2" square blade; 3/4" or 1-1/2" x 1/4" square blade.
Price PKR: 2500/-

H2o Mop X5 in Pakistan | H2o Mop X5 Price in Pakistan | H2o Mop X5 Steam Cleaner In Pakistan

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Introducing the H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE 5-in-1 steamer!
Designed to thoroughly clean and help sanitize all the surfaces in your home without harsh chemicals. In seconds the powerful H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE steamer converts ordinary water into super heated. Whether it’s the bathroom or kitchen, nursery or backyard grill - now you can GREEN CLEAN with Variable Steam settings that make the H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE steamer perfect for virtually any cleaning job.
Floor Mop :
The H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE steamer is a super maneuverable and light floor mop. The super hot lab tested steam loosens the dirt and grime while the microfiber lifts and locks it in. Steam set high for laminate and marble. Steam set low for a streak free shine on sealed wood floors. Steam set in between for tile, grout, ceramic and more!
Carpet Cleaner:
The H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE carpet glider lets you easily remove stains plus it helps refresh and deodorize your rugs. Refresh your carpets anytime since ou’ll never have to rent a carpet cleaner again.
Hand-Held Steamer:
The H20 Mop X5™ - ELITE steamer transforms into the perfect hand-held steamer by clicking two simple buttons. It comes with the Jet Nozzle, Nylon Brush and Wire Brush. Now you have germ busting GREEN CLEANING steam in the palm of your hand. Remove the stink from your sink, blast off caked on gunk even in tight spaces, steam away bathroom messes you never want to touch.
Window, Mirror and Glass Cleaner :
Attach the 30 inch extension hose to the H2O X5™ steamer to clean windows, glass and mirrors without leaving annoying streaks and smears. There’s even a dusting wand attachment that eliminates dust nightmares on blinds, banisters and furniture.
Garment Steamer: 
No more ironing, the H20 X5 steamer with the included garment bonnet is a great time saver. Chemical free steam relaxes the fabric so wrinkles simply disappear. It also helps remove stains and body odors.
Price PKR:7999/-

Air Lounge Sofa in Pakistan | Air Lounge Sofa Price in Pakistan | Air Lounge Sofa in Lahore | Air Lounge Sofa in Islamabad | Air Lounge Sofa in Karachi |Air Lounge Sofa in Peshawar

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Air Lounge Sofa Bed.Inflatable 5 in 1 Sofa bed. The Perfect Seating and Sleeping Solution Why settle for just an inflatable queen size bed when you can have the 5 in 1 Sofa Bed. It is more than just an inflatable bed, it is also a greater value for your money The 5 in 1 Sofa Bed is the ultimate sleeping and seating solution. It will provide you with more space in small living quarters and also give you a great place to sleep. The 5 in 1 Sofa Bed will make a great addition to any living room, bedroom, guest room, recreation room or any studio apartment. You can even use the 5 in 1 Sofa Bed outside around the house, camping, and even in the pool. Extra guests over to watch the big game. Air Lounge is easy to assemble as it is inflatable, the Bestway Air Lounge Sofa Bed is perfect for homes with limited space. Use it as a recliner, double bed, single bed or for lounging. Made of high-quality PVC, this Air Lounge Sofa is very durable. It can be inflated in no time, with the complimentary electric air pump. It is a perfect solution for bachelors or for people who keep relocating. You have the option to choose from two amazing colours Vibrant Orange and Lime Green. They come in really handy when unexpected guests arrive at your doorstep. You can even use it for camping. Give a dash of colour and zing to your living room decor with this Bestway Air Lounge Sofa Bed.

Features of Air Lounge Sofa Bed:
Inflatable sofa
Quick and easy to inflate
High quality PVC material
Designed for comfort
Sofa Dimensions: 74 x 60 x 25 inch
Capacity Weight: 295 kg
Convenient folding design
Sturdy coil-beam construction
Multifunctional Use As:
Recliner Sofa
Single Bed
Double Bed
Colour Options: Black, Lime Green, Vibrant Orange, Blue
Features of Free Electric Pump:
For assembling the sofa
Powerful dual action pump
Durable & lightweight
3 Nozzle adapters
Electric power adapter
Easy to carry & store
On/off switch
2 Pin Plug
Input Voltage: AC 220-240V, 50Hz
Power: 120W
Package Contents:
Air Lounge Sofa Bed
Travel Bag
Repair Patch
Free Electric Pump
Price PKR:7999/-

Hair Building Fibers Oil in Pakistan | Hair Building Fibers Oil Price in Pakistan | Herbal Hair Regrowth Formula in Pakistan

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Hair Bulding Fiber-Hair Loss Solution:
Hair Building Fibers are the perfect solution for men and women suffering with hair loss and thinning hair who want to change the way they feel about their appearance. It is made of all natural organic keratin protein, the same protein that hair is made of. The fibers in hair are charged with static electricity so they interlink with our own hair and bond strongly. Balding and thinning areas instantly vanish leaving you with a natural looking full head of hair. Just shake on the Hair Building fibers they stay in all day, all night. It is Ideal for all hair types and the best part of this
Hair Building Fiber – Hair Loss Solution is equally effective for both men and women.
How to Use Hair Building Fiber?
You apply Hair Fiber by simply holding container over your thinning hair areas, and shaking it gently.In seconds thousands of Hair Fiber will intertwine your hair.
Helps in Hair growth
No Side Effects
Silky & Soft Hairs
Natural Hair Formula
Healthy Hair Solution.
Price PKR:2499/-

Wipe Away in Pakistan, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad -

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Product Description:
Stop shaving, tweezing, and waxing and remain "hair-free" within few weeks. Perfect for anywhereyou want to remove body hair. Wipe-away hair removal combines its scientifically formulated ingredients into both convenient spray and roll-on dispensers. Formulated with vitamins c and e and aloe vera with a fresh citrus scent.Wipe-away 6-in-1 hair removal system has everything you want in a hair removal product. perfect for anywhere you want to remove body hair. wipe-away hair removal combines its scientifically formulated ingredients into both convenient spray and roll-on dispensers. stop shaving, tweezing, and waxing and remain “hair-free” for up to six weeks. formulated with vitamins c and e and aloe vera with a fresh citrus scent. wipe-away is the clean, painless, and easy to use.
wipe-away is a 6-in-1 hair removal 
system; removes hair quickly, contains vitamins c & e, exfoliates, soothes, moisturizes, and enriched with antioxidants. simply spray or roll-on desired body area, wait a few minutes and wipe away unwanted hair. wipe-away roll-on is designed to remove unwanted hair from small body areas such as under arms, bikini line, legs, upper lip, and eyebrows. simply glide on roll-on hair remover to unwanted hair from your desired area and melts away in a matter of minutes. unlike other harsh chemical laden depilatories, wipe-away contains special nourishing ingredients such as vitamin e and aloe vera, leaving your skin soft and smooth. the beauty of wipe-away’s hair removal solution is that it includes hair growth inhibitors that helps keep hair from growing back for weeks. wipe-away roll-on is a great compact and convenient hair remover that you can take anywhere with no mess.
Price PKR:2999/-

Step Up Body Growth Formula in Pakistan, Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi -

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STEP UP HERBAL BODY GROWTH FORMULA Now Available In Pakistan Step Up is a revolutionary product to increase your height naturally and without any side effects. Step up height growth will help you to increase height up to 3 to 5 inch in just few months that to 100% naturally. Step up will just not increase your height only it will help you to attain proper body growth so you will be more fit, healthy, n Taller.
Boosts natural process of height growth and development of the body and as a result bones, ligaments etc start gaining length and this result in height growth.
Builds and tones muscular mass by promoting new cell and tissue growth.
Improves metabolism which further leads to lean body.
Strengthens nervous system.
Produces Amino acids that work as a food supplement for the pituitary gland which further
results in production of growth hormones increase height by natural phenomenon.
Maintains Cholesterol levels and is a good tonic for heart.
Helps in insomnia.
Showers downs aging process.
Reduces extra fat.
Enhances Memory.
Improves focal points.
Increases strength.
Increases Energy.
Increases Height.
How to use:
• After take out breakfast in morning one tea spoon of Step up with one glass milk or normal water.
Price PKR: 2999/-

Vimax Detox in Pakistan, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad -

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Vimax Detox - Vimax Detox In Pakistan
Vimax Detox And Raspberry Ketone in Pakistan. Vimax Detox in Pakistan is essential therapy to flush out intestinal parasites and toxins that accumulate in your colon. You just won't feel right until you get constipation relief.
Vimax Detox Cleanse In Pakistan
Dieting is not only solution to loss weight, but there is also need to clean internal digestive system. Vimax Detox is best to clean internal pipes, with the help of cleaning pipes you can escape from constipation, gas problem & also from intestinal sludge which cause fats.Lose weight fast by flushing out the intestinal sludge. Your hips and waistline could shrink several inches immediately after a Vimax Detox cleanse. Your colon is the 'pipe' of your digestive system. Solid waste and toxins accumulate in your colon before they're flushed out. This the way it's supposed to work. If your digestive system isn't working well, then you will have to face constipation. Constipation is world's most common digestive complaint.
Vimax Detox Ingredients.
Psyllium Husk
This natural source of dietary fiber is a very reliable helper for a sluggish colon. Natural fiber in psyllium husk also relieves irritable bowel syndrome, diverticular disease and diarrhea.
Senna Leaf
Senna leaf is well known by folk healers as an effective remedy for constipation. Natural chemicals called anthraquinone glycosides move food through your system before it can be absorbed. It's also an effective appetite suppressant.
Rhubarb Root
This natural remedy for constipation and diarrhea was discovered in China by Marco Polo. Rhubarb root has been used to heal digestive problems since 2700 B.C.
Apple Fiber
Natural fiber from the wholesome apple relieves colitis, hemorrhoids and other conditions related to constipation. Water-soluble fiber in apples protect against heart disease and high cholesterol.
Ginger Root
Ginger has been consumed in China for thousands of years as an herb and a folk medicine. It's well known to ease digestive problems, lower blood pressure and as a powerful antioxidant.
Price:- 2499 /-PKR